Can an Adjustable Bed Help You Sleep Better?

Can an Adjustable Bed Help You Sleep Better?

Adjustable bed bases look neat in commercials, but can they actually contribute to a better night’s rest? The purpose of this type of bed is to improve both functionality and comfort by extending the range of positions available to sleepers. Certain types of people have more to gain from adjustables, and different brands and types of bases have different satisfaction ratings. In this article, we will look at whether or not an adjustable bed might help you sleep better, as well as how leading brands compare.

Potential Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

What can it do for me? This is the key question many people want answered when considering a new purchase. When it comes to adjustable beds, there are a few practical and anecdotal effects to consider when weighing your decision. In this article, we will look solely at what the base itself offers (read about mattress options here).

Less Pain

Pain keeps many people up late at night, but can be caused by a range of issues like unsupportive mattresses, health problems and daily activities. Adjustable beds can help relieve pain by providing more supportive positions and alleviating pressure points. Pressure points are common on flat surfaces, particularly with innerspring mattresses, as the parts of the body which come into contact with the bed bear the majority of the weight (shoulders, hips, knees and heels). Circulation is reduced in these areas, and people often thrash around, and toss and turn during the night due to discomfort. By adopting a neutral position with both the feet and head slightly elevated, the sleeper is able to redistribute their weight and eliminate pressure points. This position also takes strain off the lower back which can reduce underlying tension and pain. Those who have aching feet can elevate them to reduce pressure and swelling as well.

Reduced Snoring

Sleep apnea and snoring are common complaints in the bedroom, and they occur in both men and women. Neck and throat muscles may become flaccid due to age or weight gain, and the extra flesh can narrow the airway, making it more difficult to breathe. This is associated with numerous problems that may affect long-term health. Slightly elevating the head of the bed has been proven to reduce snoring and apnea and is recommended for people who suffer from this condition. With an adjustable bed, its as easy as pushing a button and some models even have a snore-stopping function built into the remote.

Reduced Swelling

People with swelling in their feet and legs are often advised to place pillows under their knees at night or when relaxing to help improve circulation and reduce fluid buildup. An adjustable bed easily elevates legs above heart level without the need to stack pillows.

Acid Reflux Relief

Gastric reflux can cause pain and discomfort which can be worse at night since laying flat can exacerbate the condition. People who suffer from reflux often spend nights propping up pillows or sitting up in a recliner in the living room, creating back problems and other secondary conditions.  Given the mechanics of the body, doctors often recommend elevating the upper body at night to alleviate symptoms. An adjustable bed does just that, but much more ergonomically than stacks of pillows.


For some, the choice to buy an adjustable bed focuses on more practical benefits. Having an adjustable base bed at home can improve quality of life by giving those with limited mobility more independence and comfort. These types of beds provide many of the benefits of hospital beds (easier to sit up and get out of bed, adjustment via hand controls, control of comfort) without the unsightly institutional appearance.


One of the biggest benefits of adjustable beds is the convenience factor. While pillows and wedges can be used to achieve adjusted positions, they shift and compress during the night which affects sleep and comfort. Adjustable bases give precise control over sleep positions with the touch of a button. Split bases, which have two sides for two users, can also allow couples with different needs to sleep side by side without disturbing each other or compromising comfort. And even when not sleeping, the ability to recline for reading and watching TV can reduce neck and back strain.

Adjustable Bed Reviews Comparison

Another potential way to discern the benefits of a particular product is to check out owner reviews to see the top benefits or concerns people have expressed. We compared reviews for 2 leading adjustable beds to see what people liked or disliked about each. Below is a table summarizing our findings, followed by a more detailed discussion of ratings and reviews.

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Astrabeds Ergostar Evolution

The Ergostar Evolution base from Astrabeds is a mid-level bed with wireless remote controls, massage, and presets for flat and zero gravity positions. It comes in all common sizes and ranges from $1299 for a twin long to $1399 for queen to $2298 for a dual king. Astrabeds sells the base individually and in packages with natural latex mattress options.

  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars, 64 reviews.
  • 98% would recommend this product to a friend.
  • Of the 64 reviewers, 12 specifically mentioned pain relief, 7 mentioned acid reflux/GERD improvement, 5 mentioned breathing improvement. 88% say it gives good support.

Easing of pain and improving medical conditions are primary reasons for considering an adjustable bed, though daily comfort and relaxation are also cited as benefits by owners. A majority of owners from most brands seem to be happy with their decision, with primary factors influencing ratings being durability and cost. Looking at 162 reviews from several different brands, SleepLikeTheDead found that overall, 84% owners were satisfied with their adjustable bases with pros being health benefits and comfort, and complaints being ease of returning, noise, weight and warranty terms. So, if you are using wedges and pillows to get comfortable, want to ease pain or discomfort, or enjoy reading and watching TV bed, an adjustable bed might be worth considering, but just be sure to do some comparison shopping and learn about the features and warranty terms.

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