Do Gel Mattresses Make You Sleep Hot?

Gel mattresses sleep hot

Gel mattresses are the latest craze in the bedding industry. Between Sealy Optimum and Serta iComfort, big name manufacturers are increasingly producing gel based beds. The gel-infused material promises to sleep cooler than traditional memory foam, its density adversely trapping heat our bodies emit during sleep. But do gel mattresses really resolve the issue of heat entirely?

Gel mattresses are conductive, meaning they serve as a medium for their surrounding environment. If the input is warm, take a sleeping body for example, the heat channels into the mattress material. Despite claims that excessive heat is channeled away from the body with gel mattresses, such admissions are yet unproven.

The heat stored in gel mattresses has no place to escape, the only difference really being the gel initially being cool to the touch. Very little evidence suggests this is enough to prevent uncomfortable overheating with memory foam mattresses. While gel mattresses are initially cool to the touch, there’s little to suggest the onset sensation carries over into those late hours.

The immediate popularity of gel mattresses indicates a serious desire for heat solutions. Unfortunately, we believe consumers are currently being taken for a ride if ‘sleeping cooler’ was a major factor in the purchase of their mattress. With the shortage of verified reviews available online on gel mattresses, the best option is to look for a proven alternative.

The Alternative to Gel Mattresses

Cargill, a major foam industry supplier, created BiOH visco polyols for use in memory foam mattresses. The result is a plant based memory foam mattress proven to dissipate heat 25% faster than infused-gel technology. It’s any wonder why leading manufacturers aren’t exploring alternative natural materials in place of the gel movement, especially when factoring in the various safety concerns.

Is sleeping hot an issue for you?Amerisleep memory foam mattresses are currently our top recommendation. Progressively designed using natural parts of plants, the adopted open-cell technology additionally allows the mattress improved breathability. Excess heat can easily pass through the mattress as it builds. Finally, each mattress includes a bamboo cover which naturally cools on contact. Amerisleep is a superb eco-friendly alternative for gel mattresses.

We don’t believe gel mattresses are the solution to temperature regulated sleep.

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