Energy Drinks: The Full Pour

Energy drinks help us combat sleep deprivation. They’re the tried and true method for bleary-eyed mornings, all night study sessions and marathon car trips. But what do we really know about energy drinks?

It Ain’t a Perfect World

Imagine sleep was optional. How much more would you accomplish if you were never tired? It’s a nice thought but only possible in a perfect world.

We all need more sleep. The classic juggling act between work, family and personal time doesn’t leave us with much energy to spare. Our busy lives make additional sleep a lofty goal at best and has subsequently opened the floodgates to a billion dollar industry. We’re steadily replacing quality sleep with energy supplements.

Energy Drinks: The Usual Suspect

Energy drinks typically cause a crash.
The chief offender is energy drinks. In recent years these easily accessible energy supplements have become an impulsive mainstay within checkouts throughout every type of retailer. The immense popularity of energy drinks is partly attributed to their ever-present advertising, strategically sponsoring relevant sports such as racing with sizable and young demographics. It’s easy being sold on the false claim we can supplement quality sleep when it’s precisely what we’re looking to do!

Energy Drinks: What’s in the ‘Secret Sauce’?

Scientists maintain energy drinks have their share of dangers. The ingredient information energy drink products contain is typically ambiguous. Most consumers aren’t clear what they’re putting in their body and with microscopic product information it’s hard to blame them. The most prominent message with energy drinks is whether they’re ‘2x the energy’, ‘zero-carb’ or ‘no sugar’. The actual ingredients within energy drinks are a misrepresented foregone conclusion.

Don’t gamble health on energy drinks!

The long term effects of energy drinks are unknown. As energy drinks are a recent trend there’s little in the way of current research to reassure consumers overall. It’s safe to assume an average person ingesting energy drinks on a daily basis is causing potential damage over time to vital areas of the body such as the stomach, liver and heart. These effects can be even more traumatic for anyone diabetic or living with elevated blood pressure. Why leave your health to chance?

Skip the energy drinks. There’s more natural ways to avoid exhaustion in the morning no matter what life throws at you during the day. Make the sleep you actually obtain significant. Upgrading your bed can dramatically improve issues with fatigue and give your health the right boost. Do you have a schedule that prevents you from receiving your recommended hours of sleep? Stop coping and start thriving. Kick the habit of energy drinks with a better bed.

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