How do Adjustable Bed Brands Stack Up?

How do Adjustable Bed Brands Stack Up?

Curious to see how adjustable bed retailers compare? So were we, given the growing popularity of adjustable bases and the proliferation of brands. But where to start? The average consumer often has difficulty knowing which factors to compare as well as where to find the necessary information. While we have covered several mattress comparisons, adjustable beds require a different perspective due to their technical nature, and the difficulty of returning. Because many products may appear similar, we decided to look at few concepts not specific to models and subjective factors. In this comparison we  ranked seven leading brands according to set criteria like price, warranty, durability, consumer ratings and health benefits. In an effort to address these problems, we have developed a guide which explains the criteria and why each factor proves important when conducting your own research.

Comparison Table of Adjustable Bed Retailers

CharacteristicLow DensityMed DensityHigh Density
Rangeunder 3.5 lbs3.5 lb to 5.0 lbover 5.0 lb
Overall Satisfaction80%80%80%
DurabilityLeast durableGood DurabilityMost Durable
OdorLess likelyModerateMost likely
Sleeping HotLess likelyModerateMost likely
Contouring/Pressure ReliefFairGoodGreat
Easy of MovingEasy for mostEasy for mostPossibly difficult
Firmness RangeLimitedGoodGood

Consumer Ratings – These are the averaged results from actual owners, based on adjustable bed reviews from the retailers’ websites, unaffiliated consumer review websites, and consumer organizations . Sources with verified owner reviews were given greater weight since this helps to ensure an actual product owner is behind the review and not an affiliated party or competitor.

Health Benefits – This factor included the amount of reviews that specifically mentioned a health-related benefit or improvement. A significant proportion of reviews of all brands indicated at least one health benefit that was attributed to their adjustable bed. These included relief from breathing related problems such as asthma, muscle or joint pain, snoring, COPD and GERD/acid reflux. People who suffered from poor circulation problems and swollen legs also reported improvement. The beds with Zero Gravity positions often received specific mention of the feature’s comfort benefits.

Price – Price is an important consideration when purchasing an adjustable bed and comparing the price and features delivered by each company will make a determination of overall value for the consumer. We found it quite concerning that come companies like Sleep Comfort do not publish prices. There have been reports of price-gouging of seniors by companies like these, who charged more or less for the same product depending upon whether the customer was an easy sell. Companies that published upfront pricing and offered competitive values based on features and guarantees ranked highest.

Durability and Longevity – These two go hand in hand and to determine their ranking, we looked at certifications for quality such as UL Listing and ISO-9001. Electronics, motors and mechanical parts were all evaluated for each brand, and contrasted with warranty coverages and the frequency with which consumer reviews mentioned issues.

Warranties – Unfortunately many of the owners felt they had been misled regarding the warranty of their adjustable bed. This included the fact that many motors and electronics are only covered for an initial 1-5 years, though the warranty is often advertised as 20+ years or lifetime. Consumers need to look at the terms to see what portion of the years are fully covered, and how the dealer prorates for the remainder of the term. We ranked each brand based on the transparency of the warranty as well as its overall meaningful coverage for the critical components.

Results of Adjustable Bed Ratings

Lastly the results of all sections were compiled and averaged to provide consumers the ability to determine at  a glance, which brands we thought offered the best performance and value, based on these rankings. In their order from top performer to worst:

  1. Amerisleep – 4.5
  2. Sleep Comfort – 3.6
  3. Tempurpedic – 3.4
  4. Costco – 3
  5. Golden Rest – 3

The overall highest ranking retailer is Amerisleep, a retailer of adjustable beds and plant-based memory foam mattresses. To give you more insight into our analysis, here is why this brand outranked the other six:

  • High proportion of satisfied reviews. On their website, over 30 third-party verified reviews show averages of 4.7 to 5 stars out of 5.
  • These reviews frequently mention improved comfort and sleep.
  • They offer the lowest price for entry level models, at $949.
  • We did not see any patterns of service or durability issues, and products are ISO/UL certified.
  • Their full coverage warranty is one of the longest with 1 year full base, 2 years motor,  5 years parts, and 20 years limited

Purchasing an item of furniture that should last at least 20 years is a major investment that should be covered by a solid warranty that is easy to understand. Additionally, it should deliver the features promised when making the sale. With a variety of beds on the market, customers are often confused and don’t know where to turn. One company may offer a sleek new remote, but not deliver on function or value. There are of course many other factors one can compare when shopping (like massage, degree of adjust-ability, mattress options, etc) so it is important to consider your needs and what benefits you are looking for as well. We offer this guide as a starting point and an example how to compare adjustable bed brands using resources available online.

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