Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Novaform gel memory foam mattress

If you want to consult a Novaform gel memory foam mattress review before purchase, you will find a mixed bag of opinions regarding the sleep systems that are commonly sold at Costco. And that begs the question right off the bat: Do you really want to invest in a sleep system sold alongside gallon jars of mayonnaise and 200-roll packages of toilet paper?

But that’s not to say Novaform is an unpopular brand of memory foam mattress. Clearly, some consumers have no problem purchasing their sleep system from a retailer with no experience in the industry and a limited knowledge base in which to help determine the best option for the individual customer.

Each Novaform gel memory foam mattress review is a window into the particular likes and dislikes of each customer who is inspired to tell the world their opinion. When reading Novaform reviews, many are positive recommendations – and that’s good. However, a significant number can also be found to contain subtle – or not so subtle – warnings.

Frequently Novaform reviewers will cite red flag issues including: the mattress is too firm or doesn’t properly break-in to give the user the desired balance between comfort and support; it retains too much heat; and the mattress properties are inconsistent with pre-purchase information or company claims.

In fact, one less-than-satisfied Novaform customer wrote that his gel memory foam mattress was like sleeping on a board with a blanket over it. Ouch! That is certainly not the result most consumers are looking for when seeking out the cloud-like, body-contouring benefits of memory foam.

The Novaform Alternative

And there is something else a Novaform gel memory foam mattress review won’t tell you – there are other options. Better options. You can find relief.
Amerisleep sells memory foam mattresses and adjustable bed systems. That’s all. You won’t find any tubs of ketchup among their product offerings. This means they know their business top to bottom and are well-positioned to understand customer needs and determine the best solution to meet individual sleep goals.

It also means Amerisleep is an innovator constantly on the search for new technology to bring to their customers who seek maximum comfort and support. A great example of the company’s forward thinking agenda is their line of environmentally-friendly plant based memory foam mattresses.

Not only is green memory foam good for the environment, it maintains the same – or better – quality construction as other leading brands and sleeps 25 percent cooler than gel-infused memory foam. The best part is, with low overhead, Amerisleep is able to offer its plant based memory foam mattresses at a fraction of the cost of Novaform without sacrificing comfort or durability.

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