Tempurpedic vs Memory Foam: Is There a Difference?

What makes something truly unique? Tempurpedic has marketed their brand as the only “true” memory foam mattress on the market for years, utilizing patented NASA technology to deliver exclusive pain relieving comfort. It might surprise you to learn several alternate-brand products boast the same NASA-inspired technology, yielding distinctly comparable quality & comfort with one underlying difference: the price tag. When you think “true” memory foam, you might think the best natural memory foam mattress — but there’s a difference.

Tempurpedic’s combination of showrooms and aggressive national advertising campaigns create a large overhead. In order to compensate for this, any Tempurpedic model is generally hundreds, if not thousands, more in price than comparable memory foam mattresses. Adversely, exclusively online retailers who avoid such costly overhead can offer similar quality at unbeatable rates.

While every manufacturer has their own foam recipe, quality memory foam products have many similarities outside of a few key differences. As the memory foam industry has evolved, companies have designed their beds to remedy longstanding complaints regarding Tempurpedic. More eco-friendly models diminish the hazardous effects of off-gassing and additionally sleep cooler than Tempurpedic models. Tempurpedic has set a standard amongst the memory foam industry, yet there’s always room for improvement.

Don’t cut corners with memory foam

Not all memory foam is created equal. Price should not be the only factor considered when determining your next memory foam mattress. The increased availability of memory foam material has also spawned cheap manufacturers, selling lower quality products incapable of fulfilling the same pain relieving benefits that made the material so popular to begin with. While you can save money by avoiding Tempurpedic, you also skip out on overall quality by purchasing on the opposite end of the spectrum. Check out verified reviews for any retailer before making your final purchase.

Any claim that Tempurpedic is the only “true” memory foam is completely false. Such a claim is purely intended to discredit worthy competitors, competitors who offer a comparable product for a fraction of the price. Tempurpedic’s effort to set themselves apart from the competition actually serves to discredit their brand, evident to anyone willing to do their homework. What makes something truly unique? In the case of Tempurpedic, inflated prices and a laundry list of consumer complaints.

If you’re looking for the highest rated Tempurpedic alternative, be sure to check Amerisleep. This exclusively online retailer adopts an eco-friendly design for the most progressive memory foam mattress on the market. The natural materials of Amerisleep ensure you won’t spend a fortune to have the best sleep possible.

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