The Myth of Latex Allergies

Latex Allergies sufferer

When looking for the best latex mattress, people with latex allergies can be very concerned with purchasing a latex bed that they may die from sleeping on it. This new type of bedding technology uses varying amounts of natural latex (depending on the type of latex mattress) and, like other latex products, can have severe symptoms for someone suffering from latex allergies. But, someone wouldn’t die from sleeping on a latex mattress.

Latex is a milky fluid that is found in 10% of all flowering plants and is very common in many products. It comes from many parts of the world but mainly Asia and in particular Sri Lanka. Its purpose in the plants is to help in defense because it is of its sticky and distasteful properties which would dissuade a predator from harming the plant. Latex is found in a large variety of common products, probably even more products than many people realize. Some of these products include: balloons, shower curtains, rubber mats, condoms, pacifiers, band-aids, latex gloves, adhesive tapes, hot water bottles, rubber bands, some clothing and tires, and mattresses. Latex mattresses have become an ever growing field in the world of bedding. People who have latex allergies have to be very careful to keep their interaction with latex products limited. These useful products can be difficult for someone to use if they have an allergy to latex. But, there are ways to not be limited from this possibly severe ailment.

What causes latex allergies?

Latex Allergies comes from a reaction to the protein in the in the sap of the rubber tree. The symptoms can include your skin becoming irritated, dermatitis, pink eye, cramps, hives, severe itching, rapid heartbeat, tremors, chest pain, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, or anaphylactic shock. Many medical items contain latex. So, it is important for anyone latex allergic person who needs medical treatment to have the procedure coordinated with their doctor to assure that no latex is used in the treatment. This allergy comes from a hypersensitivity to the protein in the latex. If a product does not have the proteins from the latex, then it will not have the properties that make it allergenic.

A latex mattress has many superior qualities to other mattresses and can be very comfortable for some owners. But, if someone has an allergic reaction to a latex mattress, this can make the bed very difficult to sleep upon. Quality latex mattresses, such as those made by SimplyRest, do not have any proteins or allergenic properties in it. So, not only will someone not die from sleeping on one, but there would also not be any allergic reactions to it. If you have an allergy to latex, before choosing a bed be sure to ask a sales representative if their latex mattresses have the allergenic proteins in them. You shouldn’t need to lose a good night’s sleep over having latex allergies.

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