Top 7 Latex Mattresses Reviewed

Top 7 Latex Mattresses Reviewed

Within specialty mattress categories, latex mattresses are becoming quite popular. Prized by consumers for their green and natural properties, latex beds seem to offer the promise of healthier sleep and reduced environmental impact. Many brands have entered the market in recent years though, and not all live up to these ideals. In this article, we take a look at 7 top-selling latex mattress brands, comparing their features as well latex mattress reviews from consumers. The results of our research are provided in the chart below, and the brands are ranked accordingly.

Latex mattresses vary greatly among different brands in composition, additives, covers, and guarantees. While there is no single best mattress for every person, there are a few features that any good latex mattress should have. These include an all-latex composition, natural coverings, a trial period, and warranties of at least 20 years. All of these facets and more are compared in the chart below across 7 of the most popular brands.


In ranking the following brands, we scored each mattress line on a scale of 1-100 based on five primary criteria which include:

  • Consumer Reviews – We looked at latex mattress reviews from real owners on the companies’ websites and non-affiliated, third party review websites to see what people liked and disliked about the beds.. Verified reviews were granted greater weight.
  • Natural Materials – Latex beds are prized for their health benefits and eco-friendly nature. Products that are comprised of this with unnatural additives and chemicals rank lower.
  • Transparency – Companies that clearly explained product features and contents ranked higher than those who were difficult to locate information on.
  • Availability – Beds with wide availability ranked higher than those only available in certain locations.
  • Guarantees – Warranty and return period also impacted rankings, with longer guarantees lending greater advantage.

BrandOwner SatisfactionPrice Range (Queen)NotesWarranty
Astrabeds91%$1799 - $29997”-13” profile
Organic dunlop
Organic wool and cotton
25 year
Flobeds82%$1779 - $28999”-12” profile
Natural or blended talalay
Optional organic cotton
10 year
Foam Sweet Foam (Urban Green)82%$1499 - $199910”-16” profile
Natural talalay and/or organic dunlop
Part organic cover
30 year
Habitat Furnishings80%$1149 - $16996”-9” profile
Organic cotton
Natural talalay & dunlop
20 year
Savvy Rest81%$2499 - $54997”-13” profile
Organic cotton
Natural talalay or organic dunlop
20 year
Sleep EZ82%$1395 - $26007”-13” profile
Natural talalay or dunlop or talalay blend
Optional organic cotton
20 year

1) Astrabeds  – 96/100

Astrabeds 100% natural latex mattresses scored the best in all facets. Consumer reviews showed 96% satisfaction ratings. The beds themselves are all natural, contain GOLS-certified organic latex and are free of chemicals, with a certified organic cotton cover and wool fire barrier.

All of the information is provided up front on their website, which offers free nationwide shipping. The 90 night trial period and 25 year warranties offer industry-leading protection, and the price points are highly competitive, starting at $1799 for queen size. These mattresses are a great value according to many reviewers, and compared to similar organic options.

2) Organicpedic – 83/100

Next up is Organicpedic, also known as OMI/Lifekind, which offers both natural Talalay and organic Dunlop latex mattresses. The line has limited review information, but from what we could find, satisfaction appears to be slightly above average at 85%. The mattresses use wool fire barriers and organic cotton covers, though some models do have glues between layers.

The Organicpedic warranty stands at 20 years, but returns may depend upon the retailer as OMI beds are not available directly from the manufacturer. They are not very widely available and are one of the more expensive lines on the market. Prices start around $3,499 for queen mattress sets.

3) Savvy Rest – 82/100

This latex mattress line has both organic Dunlop and natural Talalay latexes available. Only about 78% of consumers responded as being satisfied with their purchase, with many complaining of sagging after a short period or other problems with durability. Several reviewers complained of having trouble with warranties and returns.

Unfortunately, this company does not offer returns, which may be part of the reason for below average customer satisfaction ratings. If customers can return a product, they tend to rate the supplier higher if something goes wrong. Savvy Rest has a latex exchange option instead of a return policy, so layers can be swapped out if needed, but for people that may find they dislike sleeping on latex, it may not be enough.

Savvy Rest mattresses have wool fire barriers that contain no chemicals and use organic cotton covers. You can buy a Savvy Rest queen size set from $1,600 to $3,500.

4) Latex Bliss – 68/100

Latex Bliss mattresses feature blended and natural Talalay latex with non-organic cotton covers. As far as chemicals, they have both traditional fire barriers and glues which set them back in our rating system. They also provide limited information on mattress content, fabrics, and certifications, making it difficult to get an idea of value.

In consumer reviews, they received about 87% satisfaction with many consumers reporting the bed being firmer than desired or expected. Customers  also complained about the weight of the mattress.

Latex Bliss beds come with 20 year warranties, and retailer’s return policies. They are available via some online retailers and local stores, with prices starting at $2,199 for queen sizes. Be sure to check with the retailer on the return policy before purchasing as it will vary from store to store.

5) Royal-Pedic – 53/100

Royal-Pedic offers a few models of natural Talalay latex mattresses with organic cotton covers and wool fire barriers. The layers are glued and non-adjustable. The beds do not come with a return period when purchased direct and have 10 year warranties.

Consumer satisfaction was about 75% overall, though one area where this brand lost points with us was transparency, as there are little to no certifications presented for the organic claims and information on products and warranties proves hard to find. Customers also complained about unclear pricing and mattress weight. These mattresses are sold through dealers, and prices start around $4,500 for queen latex beds.

Buying Latex Mattresses Online vs in Showrooms

Our comparison and analysis goes to show, you don’t always get what you pay for when it comes to mattresses. Often, the big name brands found in showrooms use cheap fillers and substandard materials, allowing retailers to add hefty markups. If there is room to negotiate within a bed’s marked price, as there often is in showrooms, the bed is likely overpriced. You may be surprised how much you can talk a salesmen down in a store.

Astrabeds latex mattresses exceeded our expectations in materials and price, and in reviews they appear to meet their customers’ ideas of what a quality latex mattress should be. Their collection is available direct online and can be delivered nearly anywhere. For those of you that may be hesitant to buy a mattress online, here are a few reasons to reconsider:

1) Greater Satisfaction

2) Convenience

3) Less Pressure

4) Better Return Policies

5) Availability & Selection

6) Better Prices

7) No Sales Tax

Take your time, and compare prices when shopping for a new mattress. Sleep is important and the wrong mattress could cause a lot of restless nights. Check online reviews, talk with friends and family, and use your head. With the right information you’ll find a good bed at a decent price. Latex mattresses tend to receive higher customer satisfaction rates than other mattresses, so they are a good bet.

For more on buying a mattress online see post, and check out this information from on buying latex mattresses.

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  1. How do restonic latex mattresses compare to the sterns and foster? They are more expensive so I wouldn’t be able to get full latex… Just 5″ on top of basic foam. However, it seems they have better overall reviews for their latex line and longer warranty. The branch it would come from is the Houston, TX group.

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