What Does Serta iComfort Cost?

Serta iComfort will run you a fortune

What does the price tag for Serta iComfort cost? It’s a fair question, considering the manufacturer has a suggested sale price for each model, but varying retailers may charge a different amount for the same sleep system. For far too many consumers the confusion is too much to decipher so they walk away lacking confidence the price they paid was fair. You can more than likely expect to pay dividends more than what the best quality memory foam mattress is actually worth.

As the memory foam market developed in earnest over the past 10 years, Serta was right in the middle establishing itself as one of the premiere sleep systems available – an easy rival of industry giant Tempurpedic. But that came with costs.

To compete, Serta has accrued considerable overhead – in large part due to the expensive advertising that has helped propel the Serta name into many households. While this name recognition has brought the company many new customers who ultimately bear the burden of those costs.

Serta’s manufacturer suggested retail prices span a range from kind of expensive to prohibitively costly. Beginning with the Serta Insight (priced at nearly $1,300), models trend upward to the Wellbeing Refined which weighs in at a hefty $4,000.

While the prices may seem shockingly high, Serta iComfort is able to command such payment by convincing consumers that there is no memory foam mattress that is better. The company’s gel-infused memory foam attempts to further the allure of the brand message by alleviating one of the most commonly cited complaints about memory foam – that it retains too much heat while being used.

Serta iComfort: Paying the Price

But what Serta iComfort’s expensive marketing campaigns fail to tell consumers is gel memory foam isn’t the best way to mitigate heat retention. A two-year study by Carhill, a nearly 100 year old manufacturer of food-related products, found plant-based memory foam sleeps 25 percent cooler than gel-infused memory foam.

Amerisleep is one of the industry leaders in producing this new plant-based technology that provides users environmental piece of mind in addition to a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep. And it’s all provided in a package that won’t break the bank – especially in comparison to Serta’s price points.

Amerisleep’s eco-friendly green memory foam is priced at a starting point of less than $550 – that’s a bargain for any memory foam product; especially one that is comprised of high quality, durable materials backed by a 20-year warranty. From that starting point, Amerisleep edges upward to a high point that remains under $1,000. That makes Amerisleep memory foam mattresses accessible, even in the context of the most strained family budget.

With Amerisleep eco-friendly memory foam mattresses, users get the maximum bang for their buck without having to surrender all of their savings just to get a good night’s sleep. Why spend a fortune on Serta iComfort when it can’t deliver?

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