Why Buying a Mattress Online Is Better Than In Showrooms

Why You May Not Get the Best Mattress from a Showroom

When in the market for the best mattress, consumers assume that the only way to buy a bed is by going directly to a retailer location. This method of shopping certainly has its perks such as being able to test the mattress and possibly save on in-house deals. However, online shopping for a mattress takes out the middle man, saving time and yielding just as much satisfactory results as the showroom. Even more than convenience, buying a mattress online saves money, provides more time to research, and is actually more likely to yield the best mattress for your needs compared with showroom browsing.

Buying a Mattress Online Can Yield a Better Bed

There are a number of reasons of why shopping online is the better option for buyers. Here, we will discuss why going to a brick-and-mortar retail location may not be the best option for everybody and ways you can save by buying a mattress online.

Testing Mattresses In Person vs. Online Shopping

For some people, it may seem frightening to consider buying a mattress online without thoroughly testing it for comfort. However, you will be surprised at how much showroom mattresses, even after a comfort test, do not meet consumer expectations. The previously mentioned article from Best Mattress Reviews indicates that only 71% of consumers were completely satisfied with their mattress that they purchased from a showroom while 78% were satisfied after opting to buy a mattress online.  While it may be a leap of faith for some people to purchase a bed they have never laid on, there are options to consider that will make the process more relaxing. Online retailers generally have a better return policy for mattresses because they understand that the  ability to thoroughly test the mattress before committing is important. For example, memory foam mattress retailer Amerisleep.com offers a full 90 day trial period. Consumers should always inspect the return policy on location and online to ensure that there will be no problems in case you are not fully satisfied.

Another mattress study from the RTI International found that people who selected their own mattress during a sleep study in a showroom-like setting (a variety of beds with a salesperson and 15 minute trials) actually did not choose the most comfortable beds for their bodies in terms of pressure and support. This further indicates that shopping in stores may not be best, because with online purchases consumers have the ability to conduct careful research and test mattresses in their own homes over several days.

Buying a Mattress Online Saves Money

While many shoppers assume that they will get the best deal at a showroom because of advertised sales, shopping online has actually proven to be exceptionally cheaper than buying at a location. According to an article about buying a mattress online vs in stores by Best Mattress Reviews, “Online, an average quality memory foam mattress might cost around $859. In a showroom, a similar bed costs $3089.” When you break it down like this, you can see that you don’t really get more for your money by purchasing it at a showroom.  Even with the costs of shipping a mattress from an online retailer, you will still save a large portion of money.  Showrooms not only hike up the prices due to physical overhead costs and commissions, but also have to include local sales tax. Before you know it, you are spending thousands of more dollars on a bed that you can get for a few hundred online. Many online retailers sell at a fraction of the price at showrooms, and several affordable mattress brands, especially for specialty mattresses like memory foam and latex, are only available online.

Pushy Sales People May Lead You Astray

We’ve all been there. You go into a store to find a particular item and the salesperson steps over the line of being helpful into being a little too pushy. Perhaps you have particular needs and wants and instead of listening to that, the salesperson drives a bigger sale or tries to promote their latest line. Many mattress brands like Sealy and Simmons also provide essentially the same mattresses under different names to competing stores, making retail comparisons intentionally difficult.

When buying a mattress online, there is no salesperson unless you reach out to the store. You can sit in the quiet of your home and really think about your options rather than being rushed or cornered into making a purchase you aren’t completely satisfied with.  You can change your mind or take days to decide without having to worry about how much of a commission the salesperson will make or if you eating up too much of their time.  Buying online can be a much more relaxing experience because you are on your own time and can weigh your options until you feel completely comfortable with the purchase. You can also check mattress reviews and compare prices and options across a wide range of sources instead of being limited to local options.

Get the Best Mattress for Your Back & Budget

Shopping online for a mattress is a very new approach to consumerism. For some, it may seem impractical to purchase a bed that has never been properly inspected. However, the research indicates that more people are satisfied with the results of buying a mattress online rather than from a showroom floor. This method of shopping is great for people who need time to weigh their options or perhaps have a very hectic lifestyle that does not allow the time to stop at a retailer location. Online shoppers can now thoroughly research the mattress that they want, spend as much time as they needed making a selection, and be confident that they will yield equal or better results than shopping on location. Buying a mattress online is perfect option for consumers seeking to reduce stress, save money, and get the best mattress for their lifestyle.

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