What’s the Best 4th of July Mattress Sale?

July 4th is one of the bigger sales days of the year. So if you haven’t been sleeping well on your current mattress, it might be the perfect time to upgrade to a new one. You’ll also want to take advantage of sales offers while you can. The next big sales days won’t start until Labor Day in September.

We list some of the best mattress brands to check out for excellent deals and offer some tips to make the most of your shopping experience.

The Best 4th of July Mattress Sales 2023:
30-Second Summary

Editors’ Recommendation:

Amerisleep is offering $300 off their luxurious mattresses this 4th of July, along with up to $239 in savings through free bedding accessories. They have numerous other deals, too, such as up to $3000 off their adjustable bed bundle. With nine different mattress models all ranging in comfort and support, you’re sure to find a comfortable bed with this top-rated mattress brand.


Zoma is offering their best deals yet this Independence Day—score a queen size Zoma Mattress for $799 with promo code WIN150 and up to $540 in savings with included accessories. Featuring gel infusions and zoned support technologies, you’re sure to get a better night’s sleep on the Zoma.

Honorable Mention:

Vaya is a budget-friendly mattress brand that offers one mattress tailored to all sleep needs. Designed with innovative foams engineered to contour to your body without trapping heat, the Vaya is ideal for hot sleepers and those wanting a responsive, bouncy bed. Their Fourth of July deal is $300 off a mattress with an included free pillow.

Our Recommended Brands


Amerisleep MattressesAmerisleep understands that since we all have unique sleep needs, there’s no such thing as the best mattress for everyone. That’s why Amerisleep mattresses come in five firmnesses, to best suit a wide range of sleepers. You can choose from five memory foam mattresses or try one of the three newer hybrid versions for some extra bounce.

The company’s most popular mattress is the AS3. The mattress has a medium feel that’s excellent at accommodating different sleeping styles.  The AS3 has an average rating of 4.7 stars, a score calculated from more than 6,400 reviews.

Every Amerisleep mattress includes the company’s unique Bio-Pur® foam, an eco-friendly material that’s more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam. Amerisleep replaces many of the petrochemicals that go into a standard memory foam mattress with plant-based alternatives for a better, “greener” mattress.

All Amerisleep mattresses also come with a 20-year warranty, which is 10 more years than the average mattress warranty. Amerisleep’s warranty also provides greater sagging coverage than many other companies. You can ask for a repair or replacement if your mattress sags beyond ¾ of an inch.

And don’t forget to check out Amerisleep’s deals on their breathable bedding, cloud-like pillows, and sturdy foundations or adjustable bases. This Fourth of July they are featuring:

  • Up to $3000 off an adjustable bed bundle, which includes a mattress
  • 25% off pillows, sheets, protectors, and duvet cover sets
  • 15% off their seat cushion and the Recover+ Comforter


Zoma MattressesWhen we get a less-than-perfect night of sleep, our performance tends to suffer the next day. That’s why the Zoma Mattress makers designed a bed to help you achieve a night of uninterrupted sleep.

The top layer of gel memory foam wicks away body heat as you sleep, limiting the build-up that could cause you to wake up hot and sweaty. Zoma’s Triangulex™ technology improves the foam’s cooling and contouring abilities for added comfort.

The Zoma Mattress is one of our top recommendations for the best mattresses under $1000. Every Zoma Mattress comes with free shipping and returns, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty. This Fourth of July, you can save $150 on a mattress and up to $540 on included bedding accessories. Zoma is also offering 30 percent off adjustable bases and buy one, get one 50% off pillows.


Vaya MattressA good night’s sleep shouldn’t mean emptying your bank account. So Vaya set out to design a mattress that would be both simple and affordable, yet would also provide the pure comfort and support needed for an excellent night’s rest. The result is a two-layer, 12-inch mattress that features a mix of cooling pressure relief, motion isolation, and a bouncy lift.

Vaya proves that a budget-friendly mattress can still contain high-quality materials. The bed’s breathable poly-foam contours to you for support and comfort. The Vaya Mattress’s supportive base is sturdy enough to resist sagging and indentations for years. And as a show of faith, the mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

The Vaya Mattress is an excellent value option throughout the year. For the Fourth of July they’re offering $300 off any mattress and a free pillow with your mattress purchase.

When Do Fourth of July Sales Start?

You don’t have to rush out to stores on July 4th to take advantage of the best Independence Day sales. Retailers often begin offering discounts as early as a week in advance. This early start gives you more time to compare prices and features.

You might want to start looking for the best mattress deals early, especially since some brands may discontinue select offers if demand exceeds their supply. For example, a company that offers free pillows with a mattress purchase may only be able to provide a certain number of pillows. Once that limit is reached, the promo may be quietly taken down.

Plus, getting your shopping out of the way early will let you take it easy during the celebration. You can kick back and enjoy the fireworks before relaxing on your new mattress when it’s bedtime.

Some brands also extend their deals up to a week past the Fourth of July. So if you get distracted by fireworks and forget all about sales until it’s July 5th, you can still find an opportunity to save money on a new mattress.

Shopping Online vs. In-Store

The online vs. offline store debate isn’t just restricted to mattresses. Some people prefer the convenience of shopping online, while others want to see and feel a product before they buy it.

If you’re hunting for the best mattress deals on the Fourth of July, you’ll likely find better prices online than in-store. Online companies have a more cost-effective business model, shipping their mattresses directly to customers. Brick and mortar stores have to pay upkeep and staffing costs, so they have to sell their mattresses at a higher price to still make a profit.

Free shipping is also the norm for most online mattress companies, while your local mattress store may charge you extra to deliver your mattress to your home.

Online shopping can also make it easier to compare the prices and benefits of mattresses. It’s often as simple as clicking between tabs on your web browser. Comparison shopping at stores can involve hours of walking around and driving between different locations.

Many customers still prefer to lie down on a mattress before they commit to purchasing. Research has shown that this is not the most effective way to judge a mattress’s quality. Relying too much on your first impression can leave you sleeping on the wrong mattress.

Therefore, smart shoppers should consider what mattress firmness will work best with their sleeping position, not just what feels nice to lie on for 20 minutes. Side sleepers need a softer mattress, while back and stomach sleepers rest better if they’re on a firmer bed.

Do you still enjoy the security of trying before buying? Some of the more successful online brands have opened stores where you can go in and test their products. You can check a company’s website to see if there are any such stores open near you.

Whether you choose to shop online or at a store, you should always buy a mattress with a sleep trial and a lengthy warranty.

A sleep trial gives you a few months to test your mattress. If you don’t like it, you can exchange it for another model or return it for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

The industry standard for a mattress warranty is 10 years, so that’s the minimum you should accept when comparing mattresses.

Upgrade Your Whole Bedroom

Mattresses aren’t the only items marked down during July’s summer sales. Pillows, sheet sets, foundations, and even adjustable bases are usually discounted as well.

Some top brands offer free pillows or sheets with the sale of a new mattress. You may also be able to bundle a base, mattress, and bedding together for maximum savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time of year are the best mattress sales?

Excellent mattress sales happen throughout the year. If you miss the Fourth of July sales, you can keep an eye out for mattress sales on:

  • Labor Day
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • New Year’s Day

Other big mattress sales include Presidents Day and Memorial Day.

How much should you pay for a mattress?

The amount you can expect to pay for a new mattress depends on its type, thickness, and size. A thicker and larger mattress costs more than a smaller, thinner mattress because it requires more materials to make. Hybrids and organic latex mattresses have higher production costs than most innerspring and memory foam mattresses, which is why they tend to have higher prices.

A good mattress can cost as little as $500 to $600 or as much as $2000 to $2500, depending on what you want.

Can you negotiate at a mattress store?

You can often negotiate at a mattress store unless the item is labeled “clearance” or “final markdown.” However, just because you can talk the price down doesn’t mean that you’re getting a good deal. It’s always wise to do a little bit of comparison shopping before you commit to a new mattress.

How long does a mattress last?

The expected lifespan of a mattress depends on what type of mattress it is, how high quality its materials are, and how well you take care of it. A well-made mattress should last you between 7 to 10 years.

To get the most out of your new bed, we recommend rotating the mattress every three to four months. Rotation evens out wear and tear so that you’re not lying down in the same spot night after night.

Are bed in a box mattresses good?

This isn’t really a yes/no question because bed in a box mattresses aren’t exactly a type of mattress. Instead, it’s a method to sell a variety of mattresses to customers across the country. Bed in a box mattresses are compressed to fit in a box, instead of taking up space in a delivery vehicle.

Some bed in a box mattresses are well-made and should provide you with a good night’s rest for a decade or more. Others might contain flimsy materials that will give out within a few short years.

A quality bed in a box mattress should always come with a sleep trial. That way, you can try it out and make sure it’s the right bed for you.

Ready to Find the Best Deals?

Remember, it’s always smart to shop around a little bit, even if you do end up going with your first choice mattress. Doing that extra bit of research will give you confidence in your ultimate decision. If you’re unsure where to start, our other research guides can help you find the best mattress for your sleep needs.

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