Best Twin XL Mattress: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Twin XL Mattress

One of the smaller size mattresses, twin XL beds are 5 inches longer than a standard twin size and are great for small or narrow spaces. Twin XLs are especially beneficial for taller single sleepers—such as sleepers over 6 feet—because they provide extra legroom to stretch out and are more affordable than their larger counterparts. Adults living in apartments or small studios, college students in dorms, and even growing kids and teens in their childhood bedrooms can enjoy the longer length twin XL beds offer.

In this post, we make shopping for the best twin XL mattress easy, as we compare this year’s best beds and discuss how the twin’s lengthy counterpart sizes up to queens, kings, and other available standard mattress sizes. Our guide also shares tips on navigating the many mattress options and choosing your most comfortable mattress model. So let’s get started!

The Best Reviewed Mattresses of 2023:
30-Second Summary

Editors’ Recommendation:

Amerisleep mattresses are available in five firmnesses. We choose the Amerisleep AS3 as our top recommendation because its medium feel is comfortable for the majority of sleepers.


The Zoma Mattress is designed to help athletic sleepers maximize their sleep quality. With cooling features and an affordable price, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to take their performance to the next level.

Honorable Mention:

The Vaya Hybrid is an affordable hybrid mattress, giving sleepers a bouncy sleep surface that keeps their bodies lifted.

MattressHighlightPrice (Twin XL)
Amerisleep AS3A medium-firm mattress catering to most sleep styles, especially anyone experiencing joint pain.$1199
Amerisleep AS5 HybridA soft mattress with an added touch of lift and support to help ease low back pain.$1899
Zoma MattressAdaptive and responsive memory foam mattress engineered to enhance sleep.$599
Vaya HybridA simple, affordable all-foam mattress delivering a cooling, pressure-relieving sleep.$549
Tuft & NeedleTwo-layer all-foam mattress suitable for all sleeping positions and designed to and ease joint and muscle pain.$395

1. Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep MattressesThe AS3 is Amerisleep’s best-selling mattress, supporting most body types and sleep styles. Its medium firmness is great at relieving pain-causing pressure points while still providing cushion and comfort.

The AS3’s Bio-Pur® comfort layer contours to the body and relieves pressure points. While it provides cushioning, it’s responsive enough to bounce back and prevent you from feeling “stuck.” Sleepers will also enjoy a cooler sleep because of the foam’s open-cell structure promoting airflow and preventing heat buildup.

Below the Bio-Pur® comfort layer, the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology encourages healthy body alignment by offering targeted support throughout. It provides added lift at the head, back, and legs while cushioning the hips and shoulders to relieve pressure, a great feature for anyone experiencing joint pain.

The AS3’s Bio-Core® base layer reinforces its supportive, durable design because it’s built to prevent sagging and soft spots.

Each Amerisleep mattress includes a risk-free, 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty. Buyers will also enjoy free shipping and no-contact delivery.

2. Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

Amerisleep AS5 HybridThe AS5 Hybrid is great for those who enjoy a soft mattress but still need plenty of support. Its combo of cushioning foam and pocketed coils make it a popular choice for side sleepers, combo sleepers, and heavy sleepers.

The top layer is three inches of plant-based Bio-Pur®, Amerisleep’s proprietary memory foam. Great at eliminating any heat retention, the eco-friendly foam is designed to allow for consistent airflow for a more cooling sleep. Moreover, an open pocketed coil system encourages even more breathability. These two features work together to offer a cooling experience free of night sweats.

The pocket coil base of the AS5 Hybrid is also great at minimizing motion transfer and offering a slightly bouncy feel. The pocket coils have a targeted support system with three comfort zones for custom comfort at various points in the body. It provides extra support for the back and more cushion in the shoulders and hips to hold the body in its healthy, natural alignment. This system is ideal for anyone with low back pain because the added support eases spinal pressure for a tension-free sleep.

Shop Amerisleep online where each mattress includes a 20-year warranty, 100-night, risk-free sleep trial, and free, no-contact shipping.

3. Zoma Mattress

Zoma MattressesThe Zoma Mattress is designed with athletes and those with active lifestyles in mind. Its responsive design makes it great for anyone with low back pain because it encourages rest and rejuvenation to enhance performance and relieve joint pain.

The gel memory foam comfort layer eases joint pain by providing targeted three-zone support with its Triangulex™ design. It keeps the spine in its natural alignment with added lift and comfort in the areas of the body that need it most. The hips and lower back benefit from zoned cushioning while the head, shoulders, and lower body stay supported and in line with the body.

Below the gel memory foam is the responsive Reactiv™ layer. It quickly responds to changing sleep positions and movement so sleepers don’t feel “stuck” in the night. While it bounces back quickly, the latex-like layer doesn’t sacrifice comfort. It cushions and contours the body without any sinking feeling.

The Zoma Mattress’s durable Support+ base is built to last at least a decade, so sleepers can enjoy reliable comfort.

Buyers can shop the Zoma Mattress online and enjoy a 10-year warranty and a 100-night risk-free sleep trial.

4. Vaya Hybrid

Vaya HybridThe Vaya Hybrid is a no-frills mattress delivering much-needed support and comfort at an affordable price. Without all the bells and whistles of most mattresses, the Vaya Hybrid offers straightforward comfort for a cooling, pain-relieving sleep.

Its signature Vaya Foam comfort layer relieves pressure in joints by quickly responding and adapting to body movement. The unique CertiPUR-US®-certified foam is soft and cushioning like memory foam, but does a better job at cradling heavier areas of the body that need extra support. It also has a very porous design that encourages airflow for breathable sleep.

A layer of springy coils is found under the comfort foam layer for additional support and lift. The bouncy coil structure stops sinkage and relieves aches and pains to keep the body lifted, yet cushioned. Heavy sleepers or those with back and joint pain will benefit from the coils because they work to keep the body and spine in its natural alignment.

At the base, an added layer of durable foam provides extra support throughout the mattress. And for anyone who ever feels like they’re about to roll off their bed, the Vaya Hybrid features an extra-supportive design on both sides to keep sleepers feeling comfortable.

Finally, the mattress is covered in an ultra-lightweight cover for even more breathability.

The Vaya Hybrid is available online where it ships free and comes with a 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial.

5. Tuft & Needle

Tuft and Needle Original MattressThe Tuft & Needle mattress is a simple two-layer foam bed offering a balance of support and comfort to suit all sleeping positions.

The mattress is covered in a soft, breathable cover that’s comfortable and airy. Made of its proprietary T&N Adaptive® foam, the top comfort layer adjusts to your body as you move. This makes it especially good at easing joint and muscle pain and relieving pressure throughout the body. Its open-cell design provides a super breathable sleep, while added graphite and cooling gel work to pull heat away from your body, a great feature for warm sleepers.

Below the proprietary Adaptive® foam layer is an additional support layer to ensure sleepers remain comfortable without sacrificing a healthy spinal alignment. This added level of support makes the mattress a good pick for people of various sizes and body weights.

The Tuft & Needle mattress comes with free shipping, a 10-year warranty, and a 100-night sleep trial and can be purchased online or in any of T&N’s retail locations across the US.

What is a Twin XL Mattress?

A Twin XL mattress is one of the most narrow mattress sizes available. They measure 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. Since twin XL mattresses aren’t wide, they’re best suited for single sleepers and their long length makes them ideal for anyone six feet or taller.

Twin vs. Twin XL

The main difference between a twin mattress and a twin XL is in their length. Both mattress sizes measure 38 inches wide, but a twin XL is five inches longer, measuring 80 inches in length.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Twin XL

Like any mattress size, there are pros and cons to a twin XL bed. Depending on your preferences, room size, and sleeper height, will determine whether a twin XL is the best choice for you.


Twin XL beds are great for saving space in smaller rooms while still offering enough room to stretch out. Their narrow width and long length make them ideal for kids or teens who need room to grow. They’re often the bed of choice for college dorms due to their smaller size. The main benefits of a twin XL mattress include:

  • Extra legroom for taller sleepers
  • Maximize space in small bedrooms and guest rooms
  • Provides room to grow for kids and teens
  • Two can be used side-by-side to create a king size bed
  • More affordable than larger size beds


Twin XL beds may not be the best choice for everyone. Since they’re a smaller bed size, they may not suit some sleepers and they are much too small for two people. A couple of drawbacks of this bed size include:

  • May be too small for some single sleepers
  • Not enough room for couples

Choosing the Best Twin XL Mattress

When shopping for a new mattress, size is not the only thing you’ll want to consider. There are other factors like mattress type, sleeping position, firmness level, and warranties you’ll want to keep in mind when browsing for a new bed.

Mattress Type

Mattress materials vary, each offering its own unique benefits and drawbacks. When shopping for a new bed, keep in mind these differences so you can easily choose the right mattress for you.

Memory Foam

Made up of dense foam with body contouring capabilities, a memory foam mattress is great for offering optimum cushioning. It alleviates pain-causing pressure points throughout the body because it distributes weight evenly.

However, memory foam retains heat easily and doesn’t offer much breathability. People who tend to sleep warm may find traditional memory foam mattresses feel too hot for them.


Slightly bouncier than memory foam, a latex mattress is cushioning yet supportive. It provides a more lifted feel and is great at relieving pressure points. Latex is more breathable than foam and delivers a cooler sleeping experience.

For more information, check out our guide on the advantages and disadvantages of a latex mattress.


Innerspring mattresses have a support core of coils typically topped off with a thin, padded comfort layer. Due to the coils, innersprings are very bouncy and springy and don’t offer any contouring. Many people find innersprings to be too firm, especially those with back pain because they don’t provide any pressure relief.


Hybrids are made up of coils and foam, for a balanced mix of support and comfort. A true hybrid mattress has at least two inches of foam in its top layer and can be made up of memory foam, latex, or poly-foam. Typically, hybrids will have additional comfort layers. A support layer of coils provides a more lifted feel while the foam cradles the body and relieves pain points.

Sleeping Position & Firmness

Certain sleeping positions are more conducive to specific mattress types. Knowing what works best for your preferred position can help you narrow down your options when shopping.

Side sleepers should look for a mattress firm enough to keep their hips lifted but soft enough to cradle the shoulders. Back sleepers will benefit from a similar firmness as well. One that can properly support the hips while cushioning the lower back is ideal. Typically medium-firm mattresses are a great option for side and back sleepers, but may change depending on body type. Opt for a hybrid, latex, or memory foam with zoned support technologies, for a mix of support and comfort.

Combination sleepers will need a mattress able to accommodate changing sleep positions. A mattress that can bounce back quickly and adapt to movement will be the best choice. Latex and hybrids offer a responsive design while still delivering a comforting, cushioning sleep.

Stomach sleepers will do best with a mattress firm enough to keep the stomach lifted and prevent it from sinking in too deep. However, it’s good to note sleeping on your stomach is not recommended.

Warranty & Sleep Trial Period

Prior to purchasing your new mattress, take a close look at the warranty and any sleep trials offered. These can vary from each brand and seller, and can be a deciding factor when choosing one mattress over another.

Mattress warranties are often offered at the standard 10 years. These warranties can cover a variety of defects but usually cover the common things like broken or bent coils, ripped or bunched foam, and sagging at a certain depth. Some brands may offer warranties longer than 10 years but are typically prorated. Since mattresses don’t last much longer than 10 years, these types of warranties are only useful if you plan on replacing your mattress with another from the same brand.

If being able to try out your bed before committing to it is important, then you’ll want to look for a mattress brand offering a sleep trial. A sleep trial allows customers to test the new mattress risk-free, for a set amount of time. Most sleep trials range from 90 to 100 nights, giving customers ample time to decide if the mattress is right for them. Since our bodies take a while to adjust to any new sleeping surface, most people will benefit from an offered trial.


How much smaller is a full than a queen bed?

A full bed (double bed) measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. A queen size bed is slightly larger, measuring 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Their difference in size makes a full bed six inches narrower and five inches shorter than a queen size bed.

Full size beds generally don’t offer enough room for two adults, but can comfortably fit single sleepers or two children. Queens, on the other hand, can provide enough space for an adult couple and have more legroom than a full size bed.

Do two twin XLs make a king bed?

Yes, two twin XL beds pushed together measure the same size as one king mattress, or sometimes referred to as a split king. A twin XL measures 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. When two are placed side by side, they measure 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, the same dimensions as a king size mattress. Placing a king size mattress pad or foam topper on top helps to smooth out the surface of the two mattresses.

What are the benefits of a twin XL bed?

Twin XL beds offer the extra length found in larger bed sizes, like queens and kings, without taking up too much space width-wise. People who are taller than six feet or adults with small bedrooms can benefit from this unique feature. The longer length also offers extra room for kids and teens who need room to grow. Having a bed they can grow into is a great way to save money without sacrificing the comfort of a larger bed.

Is a twin XL the same as a full-size bed?

A full size mattress is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, while a twin XL measures 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. A twin XL is five inches longer but 16 inches narrower than a full-size bed.

When choosing between the two, it’s best to consider the sleepers’ height and size of the bedroom. While a full bed offers a larger total sleeping surface and takes up more space, the longer length of a twin XL is an enticing feature for anyone six feet or taller. In fact, a twin XL is the same length as a traditional queen and king size bed.

What size comforter will fit a twin XL bed?

A comforter measuring 68 inches wide and 90 inches long will generally fit a twin XL bed. It’s important, when shopping for bedding, to not rely on only the size label. Sizing can vary between manufacturers and it’s best to check the actual measurements to see if it will fit your mattress.

If your mattress has a pillow top or extra comfort layers, it can be especially thick and require a wider comforter. Keep this in mind when checking sizes and shopping for a comforter or any other type of bedding.


A twin XL mattress is one of the smaller size beds, but its notably longer length makes it ideal for sleepers six feet or taller. Great at accommodating growing teens and single adults, as well as maximizing space in a small bedroom, twin XLs are a versatile bed choice.

When shopping for the best mattress, keep in mind the material because this can affect how firm or soft it feels, and the benefits it offers in terms of cushion and support. Additionally, the material type will affect whether the mattress is more likely to retain heat or offer a breathable, cooling sleep. Lastly, sleep trials are an important feature to look for because they allow buyers to test out the new mattress and see if it’s a good choice.

Knowing what to look for when buying a new mattress can help you find the right bed for your specific needs and personal preference, and provide optimum comfort for a good night’s sleep.

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