Spa Sensations Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

spa sensations memory foam mattress

Spa Sensations memory foam mattress reviews effectively shed light on the red-flag qualities that should cause any consumer to pause and reconsider their interest. To understand documented user experiences, think of the old saying: “You get what you pay for.” The same can be said for a quality company like Amerisleep.

That sentence succinctly sums up Spa Sensations memory foam mattresses. Another old saying comes to mind: “If it seems too good to be true – it probably is.”
With rock-bottom pricing, and the company making premium-level product claims, it’s hard not to see a seemingly insurmountable contradiction. Spa Sensations memory foam mattress reviews reveal the devil is definitely in the details when it comes to these bargain sleep systems.

A frequent complaint among Spa Sensations users is that the memory foam mattresses have only one firmness level that is too hard for many people to use comfortably. This can be a big problem if – like many users – you purchased a Spa Sensations sleep system in the hopes of mitigating the negative impacts of injuries and other physical ailments.

Another common gripe centers on the durability of Spa Sensations mattresses or, perhaps more appropriately put, the lack there-of. The stated life-expectancy of Spa Sensations memory foam mattresses is five years; however, independent customer review sites are teeming with users who say their beds had significantly shorter lifespans.

To make matters worse, Spa Sensations mattresses have a five-year warranty, but reviewers lament that the company is reluctant – at best – to honor the agreement. As far as industry standards go, that’s a pretty weak warranty; Amerisleep, for example, stands behind its green memory foam mattresses with a 20-year warranty.

Spa Sensations: Quality Reflects Price

All this sounds pretty negative, but when you consider the $180 to $300 cost of Spa Sensations beds it shouldn’t be shocking. Comparatively, Tempurpedic brand memory foam mattresses can cost $2,000 to $3,000. In the middle, you will find Amerisleep which provides Tempurpedic-like characteristics in its plant-based memory foam mattresses that are environmentally friendly and superior in quality and durability.

Amerisleep memory foam mattresses surpass both Tempurpedic and Spa Sensations in the category of functional innovation. Using plant-based memory foam – instead of the traditional polyurethane blend – Amerisleep brings to the market at product that is environment and health-conscious, but that also solves Spa Sensations problem of heat retention that can render the mattress unusable for some people.

Spa Sensations memory foam mattress reviews provide exactly the personal insight needed for most any consumer to understand the folly of investing in this cheaply made product.

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14 thoughts on “Spa Sensations Memory Foam Mattress Reviews”

  1. I purchased a King size 12″ Spa Sensation mattress from you about 3 – 4 years ago. Since my husband passed away, I have noticed that I have to sleep in the middle of the mattress because both sides slope downward. The mattress has a 10 year warranty. How do I claim a warranty claim?

    1. Kylie Hawkins

      Did you ever figure out a way to claim your 10 yr warranty ? We are having the same issues and we are unsure of who to contact to get this corrected.

  2. I bought a 12 in. Queen Spa Sensations mattress from Wal-Mart and haven’t had it a week, but have been getting severe allergic reactions to it. I’m breaking out with rashes and have an itch like I haven’t had since chicken pox as a kid. Thankfully, I was given a full refund today with no problem, but I’m trying to see if others have had allergic reactions. Not sure if it’s spa sensations or memory foam mattresses in general, so unsure yet whether to buy a different brand or stick with standard mattresses.

  3. I purchased a 16 inch memory foam mattress from spa sensations What I did notice was if you have pet sleeping on it with you their legs can sink under you and you may not wake up. Possibly cutting off circulation to their legs. Don’t know if this is a problem with memory foam as I have never had a pet in the bed before.

  4. Heres a new one for you all. I bought a spa sensation memory foam mattress from on-site through Walmart. Now the mattress is two pieces with a mesh cover over the two mattresses I have had the mattress a little over a year now I’m very meticulous about making sure my bed stays clean and that I am comfortable so I can sleep because I have leukemia. today I took off the cover that you unzip the sheets everything going to wash make sure everything is clean. because my husband and I have in the past two months have been having problems with source sores. So what’s the problem, I think I found it. The mesh bag that was over both mattresses has broke down on the one side that we sleep on and it has become like a soft fiberglass thats worked its way through the cover pad that you zip onto the mattress that makes it even softer. If you have ever wirked with fiberglass you know what it can do

  5. I have purchased a Spa Sensation mattress about 3 or 4 years ago. It was wonderful at first. But then I began to notice under the bed, (I also bought the Spa Sensation metal foundation frame) that I began to see fine white dust or powder like substance under the bed only. I have to vaccum it regularly, like it is dry rotting or something. I do turn the mattress from time to time. Has anyone else noticed this on these mattresses? My allergies have been bad, and wonder if this is why.

  6. Horrible odor still emanates from tge newish mattress, stinks up the whole room. Dob’t know if it is toxic. Trying to contact the manufacturer.

    1. I just got the spa sensation mattress and it smells similar to mildew! Stinks up the whole room. Did you find out anything?

  7. The corner of my of my mattress are all bunched up yet and did not full expand and had it for 3 nights so the whole thing is up and the top goes t9 like 6 inches when it is a 12 inch matress, how do I fix this problem

  8. We bought a queen size 12 inch Spa Sensations mattress 6 years ago from Walmart and are quite pleased with it so far. It did take a day or two to air out when we first got it but have been very pleased with the value for what we spent when we purchased it. I stumbled across this site while researching to purchase an additional one for a new bed in our guest room. For the price, they can’t be beat.


    I must say i bought my spa selections 8inch mattress
    12 years ago. It came with a washable cover and when it is unzipped you just find two layers of foam.

    Due to its age i have been looking for a new mattress. The last time cover was washed it memory foam seemed to be yellowed and dusting slightly..

    All of the fiberglass horror stories are making me wonder how i could just keep this one forever.
    Still great support, still perfect sleep.. Never had fiberglass fire layer.. The cover it came with is soft and stretchy. I also had a 6inch spa selections mattress purchased within a month of this one that also haf a nice removable cover and 2 foam layers.. Simple and perfect.
    Was still in great shape even after many trips using in the back of my suv, 100s more rolling it up to take to hotels and to relatives..

    I finally cut it in half to give my dogs better beds and failed to get covets that wpuld prptect them properly.. After one year of dog bed use.. I had to let them go..

    What has happened to this brand? I fomt evem understand WHY FIRE PROTECTING BED is even worth the chemicals and fiberglass. Less than 400 people a year die in burning beds. I dont know what was used on early spa selection mattresses i suppose a chemical.. Nothing listed on tags.

    Why aren’t they just treated with borax solution spray? Such a simple harmless mineral – often used for fire proofing and not at all dangerous!
    Both of mine were sprayed with mix of water hydrogen peroxide and borax each time the covers were washed, just a light spray to neutralize odors really, freshen it up.

    Now it seems you have to pay double $$ to find bed without fiberglass!
    Super frustrated and exhausted!

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