Beds of The Avengers

Earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers; during the day they save the world from destruction and chaos. But, what about when night comes? How do these heroes, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk, sleep at night? Like all people, each of them has special needs for what kind of bed that they sleep on. Everyone needs a good mattress and heroes are no exception.

Captain America

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is the living legend super soldier of the Second World War. He is the epitome of patriotism and enjoys anything classic. He is used to sleeping on as little as a military style cot or even just the bare rugged ground. He would choose to sleep on a fairly basic, but comfortable inner-spring mattress. During his fish out of water experience of waking up in the 21st century, he doesn’t need to be jolted while resting with a modern form of bedding. After already sleeping for 70 years, how he sleeps now is one of the least of his concerns as the leader of the avengers.

Iron Man

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is a genius who loves machines and technology. Also, money is no object for this billionaire. He sleeps around, plays with the newest and best “toys”, and has an uncontainable ego. He would sleep on a custom adjustable bed with an high-end latex mattress. He requires the flexibility and luxury that only these conveniences can provide. In addition to this, he is constantly working even late into the night. So, he needs a bed that he can sleep on easily and he can adjust depending on his needs for that time. He might even add on a ChiliPad to control his temperature. He meticulously controls every aspect of his life, so an adjustable bed with an latex mattress would be a great match for him.


The mighty Thor is a demi-god from the grand theological, Nordic world of Asgard. He looks down on the people of Earth or Midgard (as he refers to it in the comics), but still thinks that they have value and chooses to protect them even against his misguided, mischievous half-brother Loki. His bed on Asgard is a cushion of comfort. But, during his sojourn on Earth, he needs a bed that can please the gods. The best bed for him would be memory foam. This novel technology is as comfortable as a bed can be and has superior support for his strength and girth. A soft, luxurious memory foam mattress would suit this hero perfectly.

The Hulk

Dr. Bruce Banner is a shy, reclusive scientist who is a master of gamma radiation. However, after an accident during a gamma ray experiment, he now turns into the Hulk, a monstrous green brute who is virtually unstoppable, when he becomes angry. This unstable relationship means that he has special needs when it comes to the bedding department. As he said in an Incredible Hulk comic (v1-228), “Room is too small… and bed is too soft! Makes Hulk nervous!” He would need a durable bed, which is large and firm. The hulk would sleep on two California King Size latex mattresses. This would give him a very firm bed, which is long lasting, could take the pressure of his weight, and the two beds would be enough for his entire body to lie upon. Another plus to this style is that he is often traveling to escape the government and to improve his research. So, these latex beds are light enough and easy to move for these purposes. Even someone as unstable as the incredible hulk can have a bed to suit his needs.

PARTICIPATE: Agree or disagree? What type of mattress do you think each Avenger would sleep on?

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