Best Reasons for Choosing Memory Foam

Memory foam is still a new concept to some people, despite the fact that this innovative material has turned the bedding industry on its ear and shattered old standards. Memory foam is nothing less than one of the most significant developments in the modern age.

The beginnings of memory foam

Memory foam was born out of NASA research of the late 1970s. The space administration wanted to develop a material that would help protect astronauts from harmful G-forces upon take-off and re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Ultimately, NASA balked on adding memory foam to the space program’s arsenal of tools, but the private sector saw potential and further developed the material into a commercially viable product.

When memory foam hit the market, there was considerable excitement. For the first time in almost 100 years, the mattress had been the subject of a major innovation. But, at the time, there was only one company marketing memory foam mattresses and they charged a hefty sum for the privilege of ownership.
That’s not the case anymore, however. As the industry has grown, additional memory foam manufacturers have stepped into the ring and are delivering high quality products that continue to evolve as new technologies are implemented. It’s a great time to be a memory foam mattress buyer.


Here are the best reasons for choosing memory foam:

  • The solid, no-spring design of memory foam eliminates painful pressure points that develop in internal spring mattresses where the metal coils make contact with the user’s body. Memory foam cradles the body creating a contouring effect that is therapeutically beneficial.
  • Memory foam bounces back to its original position after body weight is removed. This means it’s like getting into a brand new bed each time you enter.
  • Memory foam mattresses don’t transfer motion across the sleep surface. Couples with a restless sleeper will be particularly attracted to this quality because no longer will a spouse be awoken by a partner getting into or out of bed or rolling over.
  • Memory foam mattresses are durable and last for many years without losing any degree of functionality. High quality memory foam retailers typically offer 20-year warranties to support their products.
  • In-home trial is the best way to know for sure you bought the right memory foam mattress. Reputable dealers will typically offer some type of in-home test period because they know a showroom demonstration is not sufficient for the job. The best retailers offer trial periods up to 90-days.

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