Sleeping positions, best and worst

The position that you sleep in at night can have cascading effects on your health. These effects include increased back pain, stiff neck, and digestion issues. By altering your sleeping position, you can help alleviate those symptoms.

The best sleeping positions

1. On your back

Studies frequently show that sleeping flat on your back can help prevent neck and back pain. Used in combination with an adjustable base, such as the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed, you can elevate your head and legs slightly to help distribute your weight evenly, thereby increasing the effect of comfort. Slight elevation of the legs and head can also help reduce the effects of acid reflux by positioning the head just above the stomach.

2. On your side

If you are pregnant, you’ll be well familiar with sleeping on your side. Obvious reasons include comfort and mobility. However, laying on your side will also help increase blood circulation. This is good news for baby who benefits from the increased flow of nutrients.

The worst sleeping position

1. On your stomach

When laying down on your stomach, the body cannot properly compensate for the unusual pressure exerted on the spine. You’ll often find that, when sleeping on your tummy, you’ll wake up sore with aches and pains. If you suffer from acid reflux, sleeping on your stomach has an added negative effect of esophageal wear from the stomach acid. Additionally, if you are pregnant, sleeping on your stomach is highly inadvisable since it reduces blood circulation to baby. Steer clear from sleeping in this position!

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