Sleep Innovations Reviews

Sleep innovations reviews

Sleep Innovations reviews on sites like where they are sold and other independent forums provide a wealth of insight into the satisfaction of customers. In many cases, the memory foam mattress customer reviews provide insight Sleep Innovations would probably rather you didn’t have.

Complaints that the mattresses lack sufficient density (making them too soft), lack of firmness choice and proper body contouring are commonplace in Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress reviews. In fact, one independent site had about one-quarter of Sleep Innovations customers registering dissatisfaction with the product or associated services such as warranty claims.

But it really shouldn’t be a surprise that a mattress sold through retail giant Amazon would lack the finer details of their counterparts that are manufactured and sold by specialized retailers who focus solely on the memory foam market because that is what they do best. Companies like Amerisleep provide comparably priced options that are made with higher quality materials. Because they focus solely on sleep systems, Amerisleep is an industry leader when it comes to new innovations such as environmentally friendly plant-based memory foam.

Sleep Innovations Reviews: Looking for an Alternative?

Sleep Innovations reviews bear out they simply can’t compare. Whereas Amerisleep memory foam mattresses have a 20-year life expectancy and an equitable warranty to back that up. Sleep Innovations customers report difficulty in getting the company to respond positively to claim requests.

One of the main drawbacks to memory foam mattresses is heat retention. To some degree it is an inherent characteristic of the very reason memory foam mattresses have developed a significant following among loyal customers – body contouring.

Memory foam mattresses are sensitive to body weight and heat, softening to absorb the user while providing an optimum degree of firmness. But by eliminating the air spaces between body and sleep surface that are common with innerspring mattresses, heat is trapped. The polyurethane basis of most memory foam doesn’t help the equation and some customers report difficulty getting comfortable. Manufacturers have tried to counter this issue by infusing gel beads into the memory foam blend to help lower the degree of heat retention most customers will experience.

Users of green memory foam – such as the plant-based sleep systems offered by Amerisleep – find themselves completely cooler. Plant derived memory foam has been clinically shown to sleep up to 25 percent cooler than gel-infused memory foam.

Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress reviews are testament to the difficulties a sizeable portion of the company’s customers experience. While it’s true, you get what you pay for; all customers deserve a quality mattress that will help them reach their sleep goals, not add additional hurdles. Further Sleep Innovations Reviews will steer you away.

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