Queen Gel Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Gel memory foam reviews

Online customer reviews on gel memory foam mattresses have become all the rage for consumers contemplating a broad range of products. Queen gel memory foam mattress reviews should fall into the same category, but the newness of this product means there is relatively little information available from customer perspectives. Gel memory foam is a far cry from some of the highest quality memory foam mattresses available.

Gel infused memory foam mattresses came into the marketplace late last year. Since then, this product has garnered a small but growing fan base due to its ability to sleep cooler than traditional memory foam.

That may sound pretty good, but even in the most popular consumer bed size there are few queen gel memory foam mattress reviews to back up company claims of limited heat retention and gel’s ability to counter associated effects.

Without real customer reviews, it is difficult to truly gauge how effective gel is in mitigating the effects of heat retention which – to some degree – is a natural outcome of memory foam’s body contouring characteristics.

People love their memory foam mattresses because their bodies are cradled comfortably as their weight is absorbed and displaces across the mattress surface. While there is little doubt memory foam mattresses are far superior to their innerspring counterparts, the air spaces that are eliminated can leave the user feeling warmer than they’d like while lying down.

Makers of gel-infused memory foam mattresses contend their products sleep cooler than traditional memory foam. But without queen gel memory foam mattress reviews or independent study, how can consumers know the mattress they receive will live up to expectations.

Skip the Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Amerisleep green memory foam mattresses have both the consumer reviews and science to back up claims that its natural sleep systems sleep coolest of all the memory foam choices. In fact, an independent study by Carhill found natural memory foam mattresses slept 25 percent cooler than gel-infused products.

That should register significantly with anyone who is concerned with the temperature sensitivity of traditional memory foam mattresses. Amerisleep’s environmentally friendly sleep systems combine all the positive characteristics of memory foam without sleep depriving heat retention – a claim that is supported by numerous reviews offered by loyal customers on independent sites.

Amerisleep customers are loyal because they know their natural memory foam mattresses are available at a fraction of the costs associated with major brands like Tempurpedic without sacrificing any degree of quality. But Amerisleep has something Tempurpedic doesn’t – eco-conscious materials that make you feel good inside and out. Don’t get taken for a ride with gel memory foam mattresses.

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